Techsource Thermal Solutions can extrude a wide range of custom and standard aluminum extrusion, with widths up to 16" (400mm). With new shapes being added continuously, there is a good chance we already have a profile that can be processed to meet your custom heatsink design. Because it is extrudable into complex shapes and can be anodized or conversion coated, 6063 aluminum alloy in the T5 condition is most widely used for heatsinks. The T5 temper provides sufficient hardness for ease of machinability. A T6 temper is harder, but it requires water quenching that can warp more complex shapes. 6063-T5 is the most common alloy used by TechSource Thermal Solutions. 6061-T6 is often selected by design engineers to take advantage of the harder alloy, but it is only readily available in bar stock since it is difficult to extrude high aspect ratio heatsink shapes using this alloy. 6061 also has lower thermal conductivity than 6063. For these reasons, TechSource Thermal Solutions does not recommend using 6061 for a heatsink application.

We can usually deliver a finished fabricated first article from a newly tooled extrusion die in less than four weeks.

New profiles are being updated and added continually. Please contact Techsource or your local representative for a detailed engineering drawing of any of the extrusion profiles shown here.

XX28.9.8 XX35.13.P
XX52.44.6 XX57.17.19
XX67.69.8 XX80.30.32
XX67.69.8 XX91.34.21
XX113.35.8 XX121.51.10
XX113.35.8 XX176.95.15

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